5K Archival Film Scanning - Stunning Results

Enjoy and preserve your memories before it is too late!



  • We are the only Northwest company offering 5K archival film scanning
  • Past satisfied customers include archives, museums, film industry, and consumers
  • Archival approach to digitizing your films
  • Same leading edge scanner technology used by Nasa and Warner Brothers.
  • Using an archival scanner that is gentle on your precious film and reproduces stunning digital moving images and pristine sound.
  • Your films will be returned in better shape than when we received them
  • We can scan damaged film that others cannot
  • Affordable – don’t waste your money on the promises of others, we deliver the best
  • We are passionate about preserving film


  • Perfect for filmmakers who want flexibility in post production
  • Perfect for families or organizations with large collections they want to preserve
  • Check out our sharp images and pristine audio


The 5K archival film scanner can scan 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm or Pathe, 16mm, Super16, and 35mm film (if you have 17.5mm and 28mm please contact us). The scanner is capable of scanning all gauges of film at anything from HD to 5K. The scanned results are stunning and amazing. Film audio, magnetic or optical, will be scanned and synchronized as the film is being scanned. One nationally renown audio lab stated that the quality of the audio produced is some of the best they’ve ever heard. Our own scans have resulted in major accolades from industry audio and video engineers.


Don't wait, your film is not getting any younger.  Imagine the joy and laughter the film can bring to those that were in the film and to new generations that have yet to enjoy the film.  Have the grandparents or parents narrate the film so that the stories are not lost.  Enjoy the film today, tomorrow my be too late.


Can you do film audio?

Yes, both, magnetic and optical

What digital outputs will you offer?    

We can produce many different outputs.  Some of these outputs are:  AVI, MP4, ProRes, DPX, TIF, FFV1.3.  Colour space of 422, 420, 4444.

Is the film audio synchronized with the image?

The film and audio are scanned and synchronized at the time of scanning making for a perfect match.

How does your pricing compare?

We try to make our pricing affordable.

What types of film can you scan?

We can scan 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, Pathe, 16mm, Super16, and 35mm.  Contact us if you need 17.5mm or 28mm scanned.