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Your treasured memories captured on film, whether it be 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, or 35mm, will not last the test of time. With our cutting-edge technology, we can transfer film to digital or film to DVD with expert ease. Digitizing film is our specialty. Just ask the documentary film producers, the archives, museums, and many consumers that we've already helped. Contact us today so you can enjoy your treasures tomorrow.

Video Tapes
Transfer 16mm Film to Digital or DVD Format

Your priceless moments recorded with camcorders and stored on bulky VHS can vanish over time due to the magnetic tape deteriorating over time. Safeguard your moments by digitizing video, transferring them from video to digital, or video to DVD.


Lifetime Heritage films can digitally re-master any film, whether it be 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, or 35mm, to digital. From the 1900s to 2000s, we re-master all formats of home movie or motion picture films to digital using our 5K archival film scanner and our expertise.


Gathering dust in attics and buried in forgotten boxes, old photos and negatives are fading away. Lifetime Heritage Films can restore any negatives or photos to digital today for affordable prices at a location near you.


Once our professional technicians have completed digitizing film, you can view or share your media through any app and on any device. Film to digital conversions can be downloaded with ease or stored in a USB thumb drive or in a cloud. We can also customize your media transfer from film to DVD or Blu-rays to make longer lasting archives of your precious moments that can be shared among family and friends.


We offer competitive pricing for transfer from film to digital services. No need to travel or paying shipping for digitizing film, we are your local professionals of choice.


Rest assured that your film to HD projects will be completed by our professional staff in a quick and efficient manner.


If you are unsure of your choices and need help figuring out what to do, there is no need to worry. Contact us today and we will give you expert consultation specially tailored to your digitizing needs.