Super8 Film

Format: Super8 Movie Film

Popular: Released in 1965 and widely used until early 1990s.


These films contain many precious home movies, but due to the chemical and physically frail nature of film, they can be damaged or degrade over time. The main concerns are physical damage to the tape (usually caused by malfunctioning projectors), crystallization (artifacts forming on the surface of the film possibly as a result of improper finishing), and full decomposition of the film (sometimes caused by improper storage).

We are well practiced at preserving your memories by transferring them to digital in resolutions up to 5K.  We can also digitize any audio that may exist on the film.  The precious digital files can be further enhanced with colour and contrast correction. Our specialized process will ensure that your valued home movies will last for many decades to come, preserved in digital.

Our Specialized Film Transfer Process

Our archival film scanning process is gentle on your film and scans the film to bring out the best possible image and audio that the latest technology can produce.  The resulting digital video looks and sounds better than it did when it was projected on a screen.

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