I really don’t feel comfortable writing this blog but I felt that customers need to know.

Now that we are on the verge taking another leap forward in our film transfer offerings (see 5K Film Scanning), I was looking back over some of the film transfer work that we’ve done in the the last few years.  In 2014 a customer came to us with some concerns over a transfer he had done at a local competitor.  We had a look at the DVD’s he had received and we were not thrilled with the quality of the competition.  We encouraged the customer to take it back and ask them to redo the transfer and the competitor refused.  We re-did the transfer for customer and the customer was amazed at the quality difference.  We found the original transfer had the image too bright (blown out) in areas, the image was dirty (not cleaned), and the colour was off.  Here’s is a frame grab example of the competition and the a re-transfer done by us:


Competition's bad quality
Our good quality

It was also obvious that the competition did not do a frame-by-frame scan as many of the videos’ frames were blended and not unique.  This makes the competitions scan softer and less sharp.

Customers come to us because we are passionate about doing it right!