DV8 Sniper & Sniper 16HD Auto-Sync Switching

Overview Switching between the 8mm and the 16mm units requires some additional set up since the 16mm unit has been upgrade to the auto-sync feature.   Both units still connect to Flag via a switch box behind Flag's monitor.  However, the audio connection (behind the Flag tower) needs to be manually reconfigured and some software settings need to be changed when switching between machines.

Video Connection

The physical video connection is changed at the switch box behind Flag's monitor.   (box orientation with the switch in the top half)  Switch to the Left for 8mm and to the Right for 16mm.

Audio Connection

The Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card has a right audio in and a left audio in.  A 'Y' cable merges the left and right into one connection.  This connection (at the end of the 'Y') connects to either the 8mm or 16mm audio cable.  The 8mm cable has a yellow end and the cable is fatter than most.  The 16mm cable is the red & black end of a double cable (white & black end is not used).

BTW I tried connecting the two audio cables from the 8mm and 16mm using a Y to the other Y and this did work until the 16mm was upgraded to the auto-sync....now it will not work with both plugged in.  Eventually I need to replace the switch box with one that can handle audio and video and that will simplify the set up.

CineCap Velocity HD Switches

There are two settings that must be changed when switching between the 16mm unit and the 8mm unit or vice-versa.  Both setting are on the "settings" tab and in the "Capture Settings" box.

1) capture device - configure button:

8mm:  Video format must be:  HD1080 29.97PsF 8-bit 4:2:2

16mm:  Video format must be:  HD1080 30PsF 8-bit 4:2:2

2) auto-sync box:

8mm:  Must be UNCHECKED

16mm:  Must be CHECKED