What is a "Techno Monkey"

A Techno Monkey:

  • a manager, able to help direct and focus the work of TMM employees (not techno monkeys yet but hopefully they will develop into them)
  • is able to accomplish anything when they put their mind to it.
  • knows there are "no limits"
  • is always eager and enthusiastic
  • is always yearning to learn; never stops learning
  • has a passion for working with media
  • solves problems without imaginative limitations - creating economically viable, creative, high quality, exciting solutions
  • excels in a team environment - collaborates well with others sharing knowledge and experience to help design innovative work
  • has entrepreneurial visions of new ways to leverage media production and technologies to satisfy customer needs better and faster
  • has a node-based mindset (explained below)
    • a node can be anything - a technique, a piece of equipment, an idea, a technology, a computer program, and many more
    • node-based thinking is being able to envision how to assemble nodes to solve seemingly complex problems (in our case customer media needs) in an efficient manner
    • any number of nodes can be linked together including multiple or single inputs or outputs along with usually many modification nodes along the way in order to achieve the desired results
    • node-based thinking is thinking both in and outside the box, plugging ideas and methods into each other to provide what others dismiss as "too hard" or "too complicated" or "too expensive
    • understanding the nodes is important since then they can be re purposed for maximum usability to satisfy clients' needs instead of being limited by the same setup or not knowing how to adjust to the nuances of each clients' work
  • understands how to document good node-tree structures with recurring usage into procedures so that they can be reused and practiced by TMM employees to complete jobs without expensive schooling but with the enthusiasm to learn