Master Discs

When a project is completed, we create one additional copy for archival purposes.  If there are multiple discs provided as the final product, there must be a master disc for each different disc. Master discs can be created any format, such as Audio CD, Data CD, Video DVD, Data DVD, Blu-ray, etc, but it must be in the final deliverable format. In some cases there is no need to create a master disc, such as for a VHS to DVD transfer because we will never require that media again.

When printing master discs, we use an template file we created in Epson Print CD which can be found at:

  • E:\TMM\Templates\Labels\Master Disc Label Template.ec3

Or, you can download it here.  You can follow the same printing guidelines from the Printing DVD Case Covers & Disc Surfaces article.

A little bit of history...

This template file was created back in 2003, and the structure hasn't been modified since.  As of January 2009, we have around 200 master discs.

Approximate master discs per year:

2003 1
2004 7
2005 23
2006 62
2007 67
2008 41

These discs used to be stored in thin jewel cases and just stored on a cd-rack.  On January 29th 2009, we transferred all the discs out of the jewel cases and into spindles.  This uses much less space, as they were getting to be hard to manage, and difficult to search through them.


img_2934The disc surfaces...

The surface of the disc is minimal in content, and easily displays the following:

  1. Project title
  2. Project number
  3. This is a master disc

When are they created?

Master discs are typically burned and printed on at the same the project is being duplicated.  Otherwise, a master disc must be burned when the project is being backed-up.