Sony Vegas - Interlaced Files Producing Jaggies In Motion

Problem: Copied files from a Samsung SD camcorder's SDcard and threw them on the timeline.  Rendered and used DVD Arch to create a DVD.  When playing the DVD on a PC you can see some artifacting if you look close when there is movement.  However, when playingthe DVD on a DVD player and a CRT TV, the artifacting during movement turns into jittery and jumpy interlace-like affects.


First of all, the codec to even read the camcorder's clips was not on the PC.  I had to dump down the CCCP codec package and then Vegas and WMPlayer (it did already play the audio) could see the video.  I also installed Mediainfo and Mediacoder to have a look at the camcorder clips.  Both these programs showed the clips as having a field order of Upper Filed First.  Yet, Vegas was showing the clips as Lower Field First in the Project Media bin.

WARNING: Someone mentioned to me that they would never dump the CCCP onto their editing PC as it could have an impact on current codecs on your system.  I did find that I put this on Flag and I had to remove it because the CineCap VelocityHD pulldown process resulted in the video having white lines jumping across the video...fixed after remoing the CCCP.  I was also warned that removing the CCCP may not completely remove everything.


Change the clip properties in the Project Media bin to "Upper" instead of the default of "Lower".  Leave all the other settings, Project Properties, Render properties, as default.  As quoted by someone of the Sony forums when talking about the Project Media properties....

This is independent of the Project Properties or Render Properties, which react correctly assuming the media field order is being reported correctly by the decoder