Description of Business Venture

Techno Monkey Media (TMM) is a 50/50 partnership between John Romein and Paul Romein formed to provide video and photo production services to three market segments. The first focus is corporate video which consists of making videos of conferences and company events, documentaries, biographies, and commercials. The second focus is on dance studios in the lower mainland. For several years, TMM has been providing video services to dance studios, recording their recitals and competitions for distribution on DVD. The final focus is providing wedding photography and video bundles to younger couples. Our business is powered by young team members with excellent commitment to creativity, technical skill, and quality. We innovative ways to use today’s readily available communications technologies to provide extra value to the consumer such as same day online project management for corporations, one hour turnaround for dance competition DVDs at the event, and wedding video edits ready to display at the reception. We are also a one-stop company that can create the desired end product that a consumer or company wants like finishing and printing a wedding photo album, formatting video to deploy on the web or duplicating DVDs.

The company has been operating seriously for 2 years and in this time it has continued to see business growth even though the pricing is middle to high for the type of business and end products. Positive word of mouth referrals are provided in abundance. TMM has realized that it has unrealized growth potential and has undergone branding for the first time, making it more recognizable. The company has established its core vision and mission which is passionately shared between the current team members and primary contractors.